From Awazu Onsen in the Hokuriku region of Japan, we at Houshi welcome you to our home page. We've a lot to tell you about as our history dates back to the year 718-some 1300 years ago-when our hot spring is said to have burst forth from the earth. That's a lot of pleasurable bathing and relaxed minds and bodies.

Click on any of the items below that spark your interest for a browse through.
A look back at Houshi's 1,300 year history.
An outline of Houshi's accommodations.
Finding Houshi and your way around the area.
Traditional arts and crafts of the region.
We also:

  • Furnish you with a form for reserving accommodations at Houshi.
  • Explain the organization called Les Henokiens, of which Houshi is a member.
  • Interpret the calligraphy adorning the Houshi home page.
  • Tell you how to order Houshi's original wagashi (Japanese confectionery).
  • Download Houshi's television commercial.
evil was made by the potter Seishichiro Sumikawa while Houshi was being renovated in 1774. Ever since it has served as a guardian protecting Houshi guests from evil.

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